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Frequently Asked Questions by ACNIFY customers
What is Acnify
How does Acnify work?
Are there are kind of side effects involved?
Is it safe to be used by all types of people?
How should I use Acnify? How many capsules in a day I should consume?
Will Acnify interfere with other medicines I am already taking?
Do I need a doctors prescription to purchase this?
I am pregnant or I am feeding my child right now. Can I take Acnify?
I have a sensitive skin. Is it safe for me to use Acnify?
I have acne on my forehead, back & chest. Does Acnify work on these areas as well?
Does Acnify helps to get rid of acne forever?
Is there a guarantee for this product?
Is Acnify approved by any government body?
Do you accept Cash on Delivery?
What other payment options you support?
Is it safe to make an online purchase from
How soon can you deliver the product to my home/office?
Where can I order Acnify in India?

Freedom from acne & Pimples

We are confident that Acnify will work for you. That is why we are giving away 30 Days money back guarantee*. If you are not satisfied with the results you can simply return as per terms and conditions.